What’s in My Bag: Kilimanjaro Edition

Packing. Ugh. For as much as I love to travel, I do not love to pack. And I have a confession to make, I’m a recovering over-packer. For ages I over-packed for every trip, a flaw that I blame on my years in Girls Scouts where the motto was, “Always Prepared.” My ass. “Always Prepared” means […]

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Power to the Solio

***Sponsored Post***As mentioned, electricity was a rare thing during my time in Gobi Dessert. With countless hours spent driving in remote areas, listening to music helped pass the time. But what happened when the iPod battery died? In came a lovely little device called a Solio. Basically, its a solar charged external battery that can […]

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How the F*** Do I Pack for This?

I’ve run into my first real roadblock with this trip, packing.  I always seem to overpack ever so slightly, returning home with a few pieces of clothing still as neatly folded as the day I left.  I just hate to be unprepared.  Plus I’m kind-of a girly girl.  As in, I rarely travel without my […]

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The Ducks are Getting Lined Up

I bought my plane tickets today!!!  And my Visas for Russia and China came through!  That means the Fall Extravaganza is officially on. In 40 days Conor and I will saying “Sayonara!” to the US of A. And as luck would have it we were able to finagle a 3-day layover in Reykjavik, Iceland on […]

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New Gadgets

ASUS Eee Netbook This beauty is going to be essential for my upcoming trip.  With 14 hours of battery life, it should be perfect for extended hours on the train.   Canon Powershot SD1400IS Digital Camera I bought a new camera about a year ago, but recently the screen stopped working.  As in, it won’t […]

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