Annnd Somehow I’m 30

Today, I turned 30. I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Portland, Oregon. Just sitting here thinking – how the fuck did I get this old?! I have no phobia about aging, no anxiety about the 3-0 (I’m actually really looking forward to my 30’s), but it just feels like the past decade or so […]

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DC’s Best Outdoor Drinking & Dining Spaces
Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 9.51.30 AM

Anyone who has known me for more than say, a day, knows that I am a sucker for a good rooftop. In fact, any outdoor patio situation brings a wide, child-like grin to my face. Thankfully, our Nation’s Capital and I are cosmically in sync when it comes to this topic; the city is littered […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Christmas Time in DC
White House Christmas Decorations

You may not immediately think of Washington, DC as a holiday destination, but the Nation’s Capitol actually has quite a lot to offer in the way of holiday merriment. Here’s a primer on what you should Do, See, Hear, Watch, Drink and Buy during your time in the District. Happy Holidays! Do It! Take to […]

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Sailing Smackdown: Key West Edition
Key West Sailing

Key West is a water lover’s paradise. Pretty much anything you want to do on the water, you can do here; snorkeling, paragliding, sailing, dolphin watching, jet skiing, kayaking and anything else you can imagine. Whether you grew up sailing or have never been on a boat before, Key West is the perfect place to stretch […]

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The Most Expensive Bottle of Alcohol I Never Drank

A Cautionary Tale: Never in my life did I think I would be labeled a smuggler, a bootlegger, a runner. But there I was, standing in the US Customs Office of the Ottawa, Canada airport, being accused of smuggling illegal goods into the United States. “Did you know that this offense carries a $250,000 fine?” […]

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