DC’s Best Outdoor Drinking & Dining Spaces
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Anyone who has known me for more than say, a day, knows that I am a sucker for a good rooftop. In fact, any outdoor patio situation brings a wide, child-like grin to my face. Thankfully, our Nation’s Capital and I are cosmically in sync when it comes to this topic; the city is littered […]

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The Best Of Irkutsk, Russia

Best: Walk Near the west side of town, we rounded a corner and slammed into a wall of the smell of fresh baked bread. For the first time I can recall, I actually “followed my nose” as we searched for the origin of the intoxicating aroma.  After roaming around all over town we discovered that […]

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The Best Of Ekaterinburg, Russia

Best: Exhibit “Industrial Dreams,” at the Ekaterinburg Photography Museum.  Photos from 1930’s factories, Soviet Era sickle presses, and art in factories illustrate how industry is a part of everyday life for Russian families all across the country.  Did you know there is job as a sewing needle polisher? Best: Activity We had an afternoon to […]

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The Best of Perm, Russia

With a population of 1.3 million people, Perm was not the quaint central-Russain town we had envisioned. It was a stronghold during the Soviet Era and served as a main point of industry.  As such, access to the city was limited to residents and military personnel. Perm, has however seemed to realize the importance of […]

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The Best Of Suzdal, Russia

Best: Walk Around the grounds of the Convent of Intercession. The convent was founded in 1364 and served as a place for Tzars to exile their wives when they grew tired of them. Best: Meal Veal in country style – topped with shredded carrot, tomato and goat cheese – with potatoes and cabbage salad (in […]

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