Photo Friday: Magnificent Macaws
Macaw tallons

Almost without fail, the best experiences while traveling are the ones that are unplanned. You can plan to see the main sights and attractions, plan to eat at the trendy restaurant, plan to go to that famous museum, but often what you just stumble across ends up being far more memorable. And so it was […]

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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Key West, Florida
Rooster crossing the street

Ahhh, Key West. That beautiful island in the Gulf with a laid-back Southern California surfer vibe plus a generous helping of hippie confidence and a dash of frat-boy antics, all in the same package. It’s white trash – in the most endearing way possible. A place that’s the life of the party and where you […]

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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Montreal, Canada
Montreal from the air

Think you’re savvy about Canada’s second-largest city? Here are some things that you might not know… 10. Vibrant rue Saint-Catherine is in the heart of Le Village – Montreal’s thriving gay scene. The street is lined with bars, restaurants, clubs and public art displays. 9. Cirque de Soleil was founded in Montreal, but the show doesn’t have […]

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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Ottawa, Canada
Ferrel cats of Parliament Hill

As Canada’s Capital City, you might think that Ottawa is a buttoned-up hub of government, lacking in the way character. You’d be wrong. This city has some quirk! 10. The only free museum in the city is the Currency Museum. Go figure. 9. A large statue of French explorer Samuel de Champlain sits atop Nepean […]

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A Mule and a Ghost Walk into a Bar…

It all started with a Moscow Mule. That ever-refreshing combination of vodka, gingerbeer and lime that can lower your body temperature a few degrees even on the hottest day. Denver at dusk As I sipped the cocktail from a traditional copper mug, I had no idea that my night would come to include wandering through […]

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