Annnd Somehow I’m 30

Today, I turned 30. I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Portland, Oregon. Just sitting here thinking – how the fuck did I get this old?! I have no phobia about aging, no anxiety about the 3-0 (I’m actually really looking forward to my 30’s), but it just feels like the past decade or so […]

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A Very Merry UnThanksgiving to You!

Newsflash! Last Thursday was kind-of a big deal in America. It was Thanksgiving, that oh-so-loved day in celebration of gluttony and gratuity. A day when food is the centerpiece, we all proclaim what we’re thankful for and millions feel the need to shop at ridiculous hours of the day and night. It’s a holiday steeped […]

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Look Ma, I’m Tweeting from the White House!
White House

Of all the things that I thought I would do in 2013, tweeting from the White House was not one of them. But last Tuesday night I got to do just that. And for the State of the Union Address no less! “What? How!?!” were the first words from most people. “How!?!” is a fair […]

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(a very belated) 28 for 28!
Self portrait

Ah, a new year. By now I’m sure you’re all tired of reading countless resolutions or anti-resolutions; everyone posting about their goals, ambitions, personal challenges – whatever – for 2013. I’ve never been a huge New Years resolution person, but for the past few years I’ve done something a bit different…Adventures for Age. Ever the […]

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Around the World in One Tree
Peru Idol Ornament

Happy Holidays from flipflopcaravan! Last year on Christmas I was gawking at the magnificence of Niagara Falls with my dog Dixon. It was a quiet holiday away that I had all to myself. This year I spent Christmas surrounded by 20(ish) of my nearest and dearest paternal family members – the O’Brien clan! Like most […]

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