I’m Kelly, a camera-toting adventure seeker based in Washington, DC. Here you’ll find tales of my travels, tips for making the most of your travel time, destination inspiration and musing on collecting experience instead of things. I'm a firm believer that adventure can be found everywhere - from urban jungles to the backcountry of remote wilderness lands. My travels have taken me around me around the world and back again:

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I’m insatiably curious about this odd/awesome world and am always looking to Explore More!

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Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro (Alternately Titled: “The Time that Mango Juice Made Me Cry”)

Prologue: I’ve thought about Kilimanjaro everyday since I left it’s slopes, but haven’t been able to find my voice in telling its stories. It’s hard to put into words something so big and profound, especially when you feel paralyzed in the wake of it. Coming back from the mountain was almost as challenging as the […]

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What’s in My Bag: Kilimanjaro Edition

Packing. Ugh. For as much as I love to travel, I do not love to pack. And I have a confession to make, I’m a recovering over-packer. For ages I over-packed for every trip, a flaw that I blame on my years in Girls Scouts where the motto was, “Always Prepared.” My ass. “Always Prepared” means […]

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It was in the Stars: Climbing Africa’s Highest Peak

It was April 11, 2014, a Friday morning. I sent an email at 11:30a to a few friends and by 11:43a we had committed to a momentous and somewhat ridiculous undertaking together. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years and was one of first items on my Life List. But it always seemed like […]

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